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My Story

I was born in the beautiful coastal city of Mangalore, India. After living there for 18 years I came to the United States of America to pursue my higher education with the desire to learn new skills to lay the foundation for my career.

My Goal

I'm currently pursuing my PhD in Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis. I have a Master's degree in Robotics from Washington University, and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University. I aspire to use my knowledge and skills to build better, and more useful intelligent machines.

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My Coding Experience

A bit of background on my programming skillset

Python is one of the easiest and powerful programming language to learn. There is a library for everything! My experience with Python ranges from implementing a simple weather alert to creating a virtual assistant that could read emails, give me the news or even order a pizza. I am quite comfortable with libraries like Tensorflow, PyTorch and Pandas.

MATLAB (along with Simulink) is aking to a very high level calculator. You can solve complex mathematical problems and also use it for simulation purposes. Simulink's GUI based interface has allowed me to create highly callibrated control loops for inverted pendulums and robotic arms.

Arduino C or the language used for programming the Arduino microcontroller is a great language to interface directly with hardware. I have used it to create robots that roll around, and walk. I even had the experience to write a book on it called 'Arduino by Example' which guides the reader with projects ranging from a simple IR measuring tool, to building a quadruped robot made of popsicle sticks.

Linux is the base for the some of the most popular open-source operating systems used by developers, like Ubuntu for PCs and Macs, and Raspian on the Raspberry Pi. I use Ubuntu for programming in Python for purposes extending from simple scripts to edit large numbers of photos to machine learning via TensorFlow to simulating robots via ROS and Gazebo. I use the Raspberry Pi as a remote FTP server and also for remote python prototyping via ipython notebook.

Python (Pandas, TensorFlow, PyTorch)
90% Complete
80% Complete
Arduino C
80% Complete
70% Complete
Others (HTML5, ROS, Labview)
50% Complete


Robotics requires knowledge of interdisciplinary branches of engineering


I design, CAD and prototype robots to ensure they are functional and aesthetically appealing.


I design and assembly the circuitry required to connect the sensors, actuators and the controllers.


I write code to give the robot a purpose, ensuring functionality and optimization.

Control Systems

I create closed loop systems to achieve robust mobility.


I connect devices, humans, machines and robots to the internet and each other.


I create a simulation environment for testing the robot to prevent real world casualties.

My CAD Skills

A bit of background on my Computer Aided Design (CAD) skills

Fusion 360 by Autodesk is a new CAD software made with cloud-based development in place. Similar to its older brother Inventor, it is easy to pick up and yet highly scalable. I have used it to learn surface modeling to create functional as well as aethetically pleasing models.

Onshape is a purely cloud based online CAD platform which seamlessly allows multiple users to create and modify a single project at the same time. It is made by former creators of Solidworks, hence it is very user friendly. I have used it to collaborate on multiple projects including the PiCar.

Solidworks is the industry standard for creating CAD models. Its functionality and compatibility makes it a very versatile software. I use it primarily when mechanical potency is important to the design and for running simulations like finite element analysis (FEA) or fluid dynamics.

CATIA is one of the oldest yet popular CAD software used. It has a simple user interface to create models quickly. It is the first CAD software I had used. I use it when the industry needs me to.

Fusion 360
80% Complete
70% Complete
60% Complete
60% Complete
Others (CATIA, Inventor, Gazebo)
50% Complete

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