The objective of this project was to create your own virtual personal assistant which can be modified to do a variety of different tasks like gather weather data, tell a joke or even place an order for your favorite sandwich. This was pre Alexa, Cortana and Google Speech Assistant. It used BitVoicer to convert speech-to-text and Python to parse the commands, and respond. Tip: It helps if the name of the Assistant has more than two syllables or has sharp change in syllable transition, and is an unncomon word. Eg: A-leh-xa, See-ree, Hey-Goo-gle.

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Project Story

Back in 2014, I was not as familiar with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing practices, so the code was mostly a plethora of if statements, which for the limited number of jobs did an accurate job. The text-to-speech was handled by IVONA's wonderful speech synthesis tool. IVONA was acquired by Amazon and is used for Alexa today.