The Raspberry Pi FTP project was something I had been wanting to do in a very long time. To create an FTP server that is always accessible no matter where I am an in the world. I learned about using SSH for communication and creating layers of security protocols liked private SSH keys, passwords, random port number, fail2ban, etc. to prevent it from being hacked. It is great for backup and can be accessed through firewalls like the one China has in place for Google Drive. My go to FTP client is Filezilla; it is open-source and has a simple GUI.

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Project Details

  • Made for: Personal Project
  • Date: Spring 2018

Project Story

Sometimes as aspiring scientists we stop asking the question 'why?' and start asking the question 'why not?'. Thus I attempted to train a neural network model on the Raspberry Pi using TensorFlow. To my surprise, the Raspberry Pi did not crash, but did reach a core temperature of 86 degrees Celsius before I had to shut it down to prevent it from frying and taking my house along with it. Fun times. I will update this page when I have done more tests.